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Shotcrete applications require not only attention to detail, they also require a commitment to quality standards and the ability to deal with numerous variables. Ever changing weather and even jobsite conditions are just a small portion of what we deal with on every project.  

The Pro-Shot  team of professionals  supplies not only top quality craftsmanship but also a very cost effective shotcrete application for all types of modern commercial and industrial projects.


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Shotcrete today is becoming the number one choice of modern constructors simply because it's more cost effective. It  cannot be beaten in comparison to todays standard building practices. Its faster, saves labor and increases building productivity. With the professionalism and experience of the Pro-Shot Team your projects will be  completed sooner, your projects will have better quality control over concrete and also enjoy the  greater strength benefits of shotcrete concrete over conventional concrete. Shotcrete is the future Faster Stronger & More Cost Effective.